Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tantric and Xavier Rudd

I have been dying to try Tantric India Bistro in the Theatre District in Boston for quite awhile but I could never get the (ex)bf to go with me, he hates the smell of curry. I finally got the chance to dine there last night, and unfortunately I had hyped it up so much in my mind and from reviews that I expected too much. Or did I? You tell me..

My mother and I were heading into the city for a concert at the Wilbur Theatre, more on that in a minute, we decided Tantric would be perfect. Well, we arrived around 6:30 and it wasn't really busy, maybe about 7 tables with 3 waiters that I saw. Waited about 5 minutes before anyone even came over to seat us, once seated it we were given water almost immediately but it was another 10 minutes before anyone came to see if we wanted drinks. He assumed we were ready to order because our menus were closed but I was really waiting so I could ask for the vegan menu because for some reason the vegetarian options are on the main menu but the vegan one is separate.

I ordered the Persephone's Pleasure cocktail and Aloo Gobi Masallam. My mother ordered a glass of Malbec and the Lauki Kofta in Tomato Gravy. Aloo Gobi Masallam is roasted cauliflower and potatoes with sauteed onions, garlic, ginger and garnished with fresh tomato and cilantro. It was very delicious and seasoned well but was a much heavier dish than I expected and also maybe Thai food has spoiled me because there are always an excellent variety of fresh vegetables in each dish and this one only had the 2.. The Lauki Kofta is Indian green gourd/squash croquets flavored with garlic and green chiles in a light aromatic tomato sauce seasoned with fennel. My mom loved this dish, I did not only because I do not like fennel at all, although the croquets by themselves were pretty good........

All in all the meal was ok but unfortunately service was severely lacking.

Anyways, I'm sick of writing about something that was just ok, let's move on to something amazing, like Xavier Rudd. WOW. I had never heard of him before this week. My parents had tickets to go see him and my dad unfortunately(for him) couldn't make it so my mom asked me to go instead. He is not only gorgeous, but he is a phenomenal singer/songwriter. He plays the guitar, drums AND the didgeridoo. The music is this funky/folky/hippie/make you want to get up and dance kind of music. Oh, and the best part is, he is a vegetarian! Hot, talented and veg? Pretty much a perfect man if you ask me :)

Anyways, that's all for tonight, I am extremely tired. My next post is going to be on the African Sweet Potato Stew I made last week.



  1. thanks for the review, my husband and i are planning a trip to boston soon and it's good to know what vegan places are good...and where to avoid!

  2. No problem! Thanks for stopping by! There are some great vegan places as well as a ton of omni restaurants that have vegan options. If you need some suggestions of places to go, feel free to ask!