Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Buffalo Soy Curl Hot Pockets

So the one week I decided to take off from the Cookbook Challenge has now gone into a second week. I have been beyond lazy lately, but I am back. Still kind of lazy but actually making an effort. Since it is now  halfway through the week I am going to wait until Sunday or Monday to get back on the Challenge Wagon. Just because I haven't actually been cooking anything worth writing about doesn't mean I haven't  been coming up with lots of awesome ideas though. Last night's Hot Pockets were one of them

Yes, Hot Pockets. I decided on this idea on the train after work earlier tonight. Last night I made Buffalo Soy Curl Pizza(the photos came out horrible so there will be no official post on that) and still had a bunch of leftover Buffalo Soy Curls, some Vegan Blue Cheese(see below for recipe) that I made, vegan cheese and pizza sauce. The only thing I didn't have already was dough. I didn't use a yeast based dough last night or tonight but only because I lacked the time and motivation to make one. Last night I used a basic yeast free pizza dough recipe, nothing special. Tonight I decided to change things up a little. To my basic pizza dough recipe I added a tablespoon of Vital Wheat Gluten just for shits and giggles. It actually produced a dough that when cooked was a cross between basic pizza dough and basic pastry crust.

After I divided and rolled out the dough and shredded the cheese it was time to assemble. I used a block of Cheddar from Galaxy Nutritional Foods. Normally for something like this I would use Daiya but I was all out. For the first time that I can remember actually using the Galaxy brand I was surprised at how much I like it. Don't eat it raw though, not good.

 I spread a thin layer of sauce on one side of each piece of dough(I don't like a lot of sauce), sprinkled that with some cheese, topped that with some buffalo soy curls with a few extra dashes of Frank's Red Hot and topped that with a little more cheese. Then it was time to fold, bake and consume!

The dough "rectangles" came out pretty rustic looking so when they were folded over they looked more like empanadas or mini calzones but I don't care, I am still calling them Hot Pockets!

They weren't very big but they were pretty damn filling. Delicious too! Vegan Blue Cheese is the perfect companion for these little guys. If you were a blue cheese dressing lover in your pregan days, you will love the recipe, I promise.

Hot Pocket Dough

1 1/2 cup flour
1 tblspn Vital Wheat Gluten
1 tblspn baking powder
1/2 tspn salt
2 tblspns olive oil
1/2 cup water. A few extra tblspns if needed

*Preheat 450*

1. Mix all dry ingredients in bowl and make a well in the center. 
2. Add remaining ingredients. 
3. Mix until combined into a dough
4. Knead 5-7 minutes until elastic. 
***You can be lazy like me and do steps 3 and 4 right in your stand mixer***
5. Dump dough onto floured surface and knead another minute or two, with your hands this time, to gauge if the dough needs more liquid or flour. 
6. Divide dough into 4 equal portions and roll each out into about an 8x6 rectangle. Don't worry if you can't get a perfect rectangle, mine didn't come close. 
7. Add toppings(whatever you would like) to one side of the dough, fold over, crimp shut with a fork and poke a few holes in the top to allow steam to escape. 
8. Bake about 15 minutes until they start turning golden brown.

Vegan Blue Cheese
1/2 cup crumbled firm tofu
 1 cup Veganaise or other vegan mayo
1/4 tsp tahini
dash of garlic powder
dash of lemon juice(literally just a dash)
dash of apple cider vinegar

1. Mix Veganaise, tahini, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and garlic powder until smooth. 
2. Mix in crumbled tofu. 
3. Serve with your favorite spicy buffalo foods and enjoy!


  1. The Hot Pockets look awesome. I made tacos last night with the soy curls I won from you, and I'm in love! They have such a great texture. Thanks again for doing that giveaway!

    I've gotta try your blue cheese -- it's one of the few dairy products that I really miss.

  2. Definitely try the blue cheese, its awesome! I just updatd the recipe, I realized I had left out the tahini on the list. You don't *need* it but it makes it better

  3. I made these for dinner tonight and my dad thought they were store-bought! Granted, he was eating them in the dark and doesn't pay much attention to food anyway, but still! They were delicious and I'll definitely be making them again. Thanks for the idea and recipe!

  4. Jay, I'm so glad you and your dad liked them! Did you make them look like traditional hot pockets? I had a problem getting a good rectangle shape

  5. No, they definitely just looked like Calzones. But who's complaining? Calzones are delicious.
    I also used homemade Seitan instead of Soycurls and FYH Cheddar Cheese. Delish.