Tuesday, February 14, 2012

American Flatbread and Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels!

Have you guys tried either of these yet? Holy shit, they rocked my tube socks right off!!

A good friend of mine came over the other night for a night of drinking wine and catching up, we were in the mood for some vegan noms and even though I live right on the line(literally) of several awesome vegan friendly Boston neighborhoods. But sadly none of them deliver to my apartment. And even though I love to cook and my friend, Morris, is an extremely talented cook and pastry chef, we did not want to cook. We decided to take a walk to our local Star Market in search of quick and delicious vegan food to eat.

Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs because we bought a bunch of stuff but the feast we had was fantastic! I have never tried, or seen, this pizza we bought so as soon as I saw the words "vegan cheese" on it, it had to be mine. American Flatbread is a company based out of Vermont and while they only make one vegan pizza, it's a pretty mean one! They use lots of organic ingredients and Daiya! The pizza was a perfect combo of sauce (not a lot which is how I like it), spices and cheese. This pizza brought me back to my omni childhood. My parents both worked at Papa Gino's when my siblings and I were kids so we ate more than our fair share of pizza. Even into my teens and 20s when mom and dad no longer worked there, we still claimed it to be our favorite. As a vegan, I have had tons and tons of vegan pizza and they are all super delicious but none ever reminded me of Papa Gino's. I never really realized I was subconsciously seeking that certain taste until this pizza. It was like a flood of tasty memories pouring into my mouth. I think it was the herb combination used in the sauce and on top of the Daiya. Of course I don't know what herbs it was because on their website it lists parsley and other herbs, I guess I will just have to keep buying it. But then again, at around $10 a pop, I might just ask the fam what the herbs are and try and recreate it on my own.

Moving onto pretzels...

Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels are like whoa. They only have 2 vegan flavors but my market only carries the Apple Cinnamon. It is literally a pretzel stuffed with apple pie filling. Do I really need to say anymore? I don't think so! They also carry Chocolate Crumb, I really need to get my paws on some of those bad boys.

Sorry for the craptastic (and lack of cooked product) photos, the lighting in my kitchen sucks big balls.

We also bought some vegan buffalo wings but I forget the brand, they were sort of freezer burnt anyways.

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