Friday, November 19, 2010

Teese me, please

Seriously. Teese Vegan Cheese is, to date, the best vegan cheese I have ever had. While I was nursing a massive hangover with my sister at her house in California Jeremy was at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival trying out tons of delicious vegan food, including Teese. They don't carry it at stores near us so he bought a package and has been saving it to make nachos. Well, tonight those nachos happened and I am so glad I was invited to eat them with him.
Normally I like my nachos piled high with tons of shit but tonight's didn't have much too them, which in this case is a good thing, much more would've taken away from the cheesiness. They were perfect with the 'cheese', leftover chili and some jalapenos that Jeremy pickled a month or two ago(definitely the hottest jalapenos I've ever had). When I first tried the 'cheese' my senses were overwhelmed with nostalgia. I'm not naming names but if you remember and used to love that block or packet of orange processed goodness that was supposedly cheese and all you had to do was mix it with some hot macaroni or a jar of salsa you will absolutely love Teese. I wish there was somewhere a little more local for me to get it but coincidentally I am going to be in Cambridge on Sunday for Food Not Bombs and the co-op there happens to carry it. I can't wait to try the other flavors with the drool-worthy recipes on the Teese website.


  1. Oh velveeta how I loved theee! Do u know if I can get this creamy cheese in Cali??

  2. Hey Anonymous, aka sister, the closest place to you is Masa at Echo Park or the Figueroa Produce Market. Or you can order it online at or :)

  3. I bought some at the veg fest, too! I'm neutral on the mac & cheese sauce and the plain cheddar, but the nacho sauce was awesome!!

  4. That looks sooo good. I just wanted to stop by and visit a fellow MoFoer. It sure has been fun. So many yummy recipes to try, I want to taste all of them. It was nice to get to know you and your blog.

  5. The food co-cop in Central Square! I used to live in Cambridge. I actually worked part-time at the Starbucks on the corner there for a summer.

    I will have to try Teese. The website says it's supposed to be at the Food Co-op here in Pittsburgh. Hopefully I can get there this week. I am curious to see how it tastes compared to Daiya.