Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MoFo Post 3: Veggies, Balls and Pasta

Just a quick one for today folks.

Sometimes the tastiest meals are the simplest ones, especially when its someone else doing the cooking for you. I really enjoy my role as the cook in my relationship but once in awhile when the BF decides he wants to make dinner for me, I am more than happy to step back and let him do it. Especially because I know what he will be making and I love it. Pasta with meatless meatballs, veggies and sauce. Seriously. So god damned good. Sometimes I wonder if he really believes me when I tell him how much I love it. (Babe, if you're reading this, your pasta dish fucking rocks!)

It requires only a few ingredients, none of which need preparation other than being tossed in a pot or pan and stirred here and there.No chopping, no measuring, no stressing. The veggies he usually uses are Soycutash from TJ's, frozen brussell sprouts and frozen peppers. While the pasta is cooking he tosses them in a pan to steam up a bit, once they are getting cooked, he adds the balls and sauce and finishes letting it all cook. That's it. Once the pasta is done and drained, we dump some into a bowl and pile a bunch of the veggie/ball/sauce mix on top.

He made it for me the other night and since we had half a loaf of Italian bread leftover from Pumpkin Ravioli the night before, I made some quick garlic bread.


  1. The simplest meals are definitely the best, I love me some pasta and "meat"balls.