Saturday, October 15, 2011


Seriously everyone, thanks so much for entering this awesome giveaway! I really wish I was able to pick more than one winner, for reals, you are all winners in my book :) Sadly, there could be only 1 this time, and thanks to, I am super excited to announce that Carrie from Vegan for the Win has won this one! I promise that her blog name has absolutely nothing to do with her actually being the winner, it's just an awesome coincidence!

Carrie - please email me with your address so we can get those bars out to you asap! Thanks again for entering everyone! I hope to do at least one more giveaway before MoFo is over!


  1. Congrats to Carrie - love the blog name!

  2. I received my package of chocolate bars - thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  3. My letter below went to the Food Network, which can be found at

    I published it on their facebook page. They are owned by Scripps, which also owns the Cooking Channel, found at

    You can write to either at:

    The Home of Food Network
    75 Ninth Avenue
    New York, NY 10011

    But I used the comment section on their website and their facebook pages. I believe we have to start demanding our needs be met as we are a significant part of their viewers.

    Everyone reading this should demand vegan shows get equal air time.

    You blog owners should ask your readers to write these networks and ask for vegan shows.

    Here is a copy of my letter:

    I write to ask you to become fair and balanced in the type of food shows you present to the public.
    You must realize that there are millions of people interested in healthy eating and that means vegan eating. Do we have to organize a boycott to get vegan cooking and baking shows on your network? The endless parade of meat and dairy promotion usually by overweight, unhealthy looking hosts is not appetizing.

    I change the channel so often when your gluttonous shows come on. How to shove the most meat and cheese down your stomach. Sending people to far places to participate in cruelty eating also does not thrill me.

    I would like to see shows on growing your own fruits and vegetables in every zone and shows teaching vegan cooking. I would like to see vegan chefs competing with each other and cooking for celebrities.

    You may think that the only ads you can sell are to the meat and dairy industry but there is a whole world of people who will advertize on vegan sites. You need younger vegans on your marketing staff selling ads to the wholesalers like vita mix blenders, whole foods, bulk seed companies, tofu manufacturers, anti cruelty groups, etc.

    There are hundreds of vegan cooking blogs and at least half your shows should be teaching people to cook in new more healthy ways. There are grants available from the WICK and Food Stamp programs.

    Here are some of the sites I use:
    This site is temp down but has the best recopies which even I can cook well

    Are you beginning to see the vast audience you are ignoring by your boring traditional shows loaded with dairy and meat. Nothing new – same old stuff over and over. And you could do so much more for the health of your viewers.